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MealIconSmallSome people just like to complain. They complain that when good folks bring food to poor folks, it makes a big mess. They complain that there’s no organization, so everyone brings food to the same place at the same time, and food gets wasted, and again, there’s a big mess.

Amikas listened to all of the complaints and we think the urgency to provide hungry people with food is more important than the mess. But we also think we can solve this problem and still make sure hungry people get food and kind people can be both kind and efficient, and at the end of the day, there’s no mess.

That’s why we built this simple tool to bring together people who need food, with people who have food to share. It’s probably got a few kinks in it, because we are not website wizards. So if you know how to make this a better tool, please feel free to offer your help.

But if you just like to complain, go bother somebody else. Thanks.

amikaslogoartJeeni & the homeless advocates at Amikas.
(vist us at Amikas.org)




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